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To celebrate the launch of the new Burberry monogram and London Fashion Week 2018, MKTG was tasked with creating a disruptive, eye-catching showcase in key cultural hubs across London using alternative OOH formats.


The disruptive OOH showcased Burberry’s latest print in a creative display, through a combination of flyposting and mural formats across both east and west London. The pinnacle of the campaign was the installation of a 10m giant Burberry bear, strategically positioned in front of the iconic marble arch, providing an impressive Instagrammable moment that people could share on social media.


The campaign achieved a total of 4.9 million OTS, with 20,160 minutes of live activity across 11 highly targeted fly posting sites. MKTG secured additional overshow of 25 days at 8 sites, equating to £2.9k in added media value.