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As an extension of Cadbury’s #EggsEverywhere TV campaign, MKTG were tasked to maximise exposure and generate intrigue by finding iconic and visually impactful places for their Easter eggs to be hidden to help cement Cadbury’s role in Easter. 


We took to Scotland and made a cheeky play on the mystical Loch Ness monster by building three giant Easter eggs and submerging them into the Loch to look like the iconic humps of Nessie. Later, the eggs were raised out of the waters to reveal the results of another one of the Cadbury bunny’s audacious egg placements.


Cadbury-Mondelez won +0.9pp share in Easter, finishing the season +4.6%, not only outperforming the market but outgrowing Lindt +2.6%! The vine hosted on Cadbury's social channels generated 1.1 million views and earned media coverage in The Scottish Sun, The Express, The Telegraph, and First News.

"What you guys organised and delivered is pretty amazing, but mostly I was really impressed by the team spirit and pro-activeness of you all."

Claudia Miceli

Senior Brand Manager, Mondelez