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In a declining market, we were tasked with devising a unique partnership strategy to help Cadbury increase in-store product visibility by exciting retailers and delivering best-in-class consumer campaigns.


Using our bespoke planning tool, we identified football as a key passion point which led us to negotiate a partnership with the Premier League. The partnership has encompassed a retail engagement programme, Cadbury’s biggest ever consumer promotion ‘Match and Win’ now in its third season and ambassador campaigns used at the centre of brand content. Our guest management platform also handles engagement with stakeholders from employees, VIPs, brand ambassadors, and celebrities.


Since inception, the partnership has delivered huge growth for Cadbury across its portfolio, helping return the chocolate category to growth. MKTG has smashed revenue targets by 33%; selling over 500m products across 100,000 retail touchpoints to deliver over £70m in incremental Retail Sales Value.