Filling the COVID-19 OOH Gap: Flyposting & Murals 101

With Government CV19 guidelines changing people’s normal lives, what once was seen as a densely populated commuting routes that provided the perfect opportunity for OOH brand advertising, has now become far less effective due to people swapping their usual commute for a once daily trip to the park.

With the new discoveries and a heightened sense of awareness, people are taking pleasure in their new-found hobbies of walks and cycling to explore their local area which begs the question:

How can brands reach their target audience at these ‘new’ locations in and interesting and eye-catching way?

With on the street locations located across the city and beyond, surrounding a number of parks in London there are hundreds of opportunities for brands to stay at the forefront and make a big impact on the ‘new’ consumer.

Click here to download our Flypost and Mural 101.