How the social generation are shifting the gender agenda

Peter Heneghan- Head of Communications, LADBible Group

With the new generation showing massive shifts on how they consume content, especially on social media, brands now need to ensure they are more relevant than ever by relating more to the individual. The growth of social publishers has given a voice to the previously marginalised, giving rise to a more connected, considerate and globally aware audience- and in order to keep up with them, brands need to evolve faster than ever before.

Reaching more than half of millennials in the UK, LADBible offer a fresh take on things that shape young minds, capitalising on key moments during the internet’s development and what matters most to the social generation, including looking at the ever increasing importance of gender inclusivity.

60% of people agree that brands should be involved in the gender conversation and 70% of young people agree that societies’ attitudes towards gender are changing, with them become more and more aware of gender stereotypes in adverts (LADBible research in partnership with Contagious). They also believed that brands need to tread carefully when entering the conversation, as by doing so without proper consideration of their audience, or motivated by brand popularity as opposed to genuine intentions, could result in negative brand perceptions.

So can how brands enter the conversation and remain topical whilst creating positive consumer resonance? According to Peter, the key here is to for brands to remain progressive, and to make a commitment to listening to their customers and understanding who they really are, as narrative around gender identities shifts over time. And by far the most effective way of doing this is for businesses and their partners to be diverse and inclusive themselves.

An example of this is ‘Free To Be’, LADBible’s partnership with Smirnoff, which champions inclusivity and diversity within communities by getting real people from different backgrounds to share stories about everyday topics that relate to our everyday lives.