Since 2016, Jaguar has been on a mission to lead the performance electrification market, firstly setting up Jaguar Racing and then introducing its’ own electric motorsport series eTrophy, using its electric road car the I-PACE.

As both rightsholder and sponsor of Jaguar Racing, Jaguar needed actionable insights to allow them to make informed decisions on its investment, retention and attraction of new sponsors, whilst evaluating its performance against brand objectives.


We deployed our MKTG Sponsorship Performance Model,  a pioneering SMART research programme, bringing together multiple data sets on a global basis to answer the primary objective of increasing brand advocacy.

Metrics were signed across all KPIs and objectives, reported through an online dashboard for race by race analysis for Jaguar Racing, its eTrophy teams and its sponsors.


This allowed Jaguar Racing to continuously improve their communications throughout the season by using targeted social media messaging to maximise impact amongst a younger target audience, reinforce key messages on electrification through PR and enhance  track brand positioning & on cars to ensure maximum opportunity to see, all of which led to an uplift in brand health measures.