Oystercatchers Mini Squawk with Michael Brown


Suki Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of Oystercatchers is joined by MKTG Managing Director, Michael Brown to discuss how the experiential industry has taken a particularly big hit during COVID-19, and how kindness is so important for workplace cultures.

As a live events and sponsorship business, MKTG has been massively impacted by the virus, not just for the events and activations they run, but also sponsorships and rights negotiations.

Media and events as a strand of the advertising sector has been particularly badly hit. so how does a 'live' business evolve in the context of the collective psyche of the nation, which is changing? How to evolve and adapt?

Michael also talks about how kindness is especially important right now - and kinder working environments - with staff, clients and customers alike. He observes that whilst companies publish their values on their websites, kindness rarely features. 

Michael has recently had a book published on improving organisational culture, a 10 Step Guide which reveals the secrets that can lead to better leadership, stronger teams, swifter promotions, more effective collaboration, better organisational culture - as well as radically improving your life outside of work.

You can buy a copy of "I Don't Agree: Why we can't stop fighting - and how to get great stuff done despite our differences" on Amazon or from the publisher's website.