The world is changing. Rapidly.

Michael Brown, Managing Director

The world is changing. Rapidly. Yet advertisers still speak in a binary tongue when it comes to targeting.

Today’s audience are more fluid, are questioning rigid gender definitions and tend to define themselves more by their mind-set, no longer content with the stereotypes associated with being ‘male’ or ‘female’, which are ingrained in most of us from birth.

Brands now need to adapt to this modern mind-set, by better understanding how their target audiences are changing, and how to better communicate to them in a way which they can truly resonate with.

Our Gender Through A Wider Lens seminar, held on the 7th February at MKTG’s offices, explored how the modern day audience understands gender, identity and expression, and what brands can do to ensure inclusivity, representation and authenticity in their advertising.

Michael Brown introduced the speakers at Gender Through A Wider Lens.