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To celebrate the Autumn release of 20th Century Fox’s title Turbo, MKTG were tasked to build affinity for the character with the youth demographic, drive major awareness of the film’s release and cross promote the Turbo X-Box game.


Unveiled on the track of Goodwood Festival of Speed, we toured an epic four-metre-long, fibre glass motorised Turbo trike (which could reach speeds of 70mph) across the UK, visiting a range of family friendly venues and creating buzz as he travelled the country. The tour finished with Turbo getting pulled over for speeding on Westminster bridge which went viral.  


Live activity generated £720,000 of earned media as partners promoted the amusing content generated. The total live audience came to 17 million with an average of 1,656 social shares and +6000 new Facebook friends per event. The viral stunt became the most watched video on MSN for two days and generated acres of coverage on Primary Times, NME and Nickelodeon.